Friday, February 20, 2009

Definition of Information


Information is data that processed become better form and more meaning to accept it. If data is not useful to accept it so the data cannot be referred as by information.

The quality of information

- Accurate is measured by comparing the data to actual events .Payroll information must be exact or accurate. For example the information must be simple, not confusing and true free from mistakes.

- Timeliness
The information likes real time system. Its means that the information comes to user can not be late.

- Relevance
It means the information must have advantages and useful for users.
Information is relevant if it leads to improved decision making. It might also be relevant if it reaffirms a previous decision.

Value of information is depending on 2 factor, advantages and cost.
An information has a high value if the advantages more effective than the cost to get it.

Source : Analisis dan Desain. Prof.Dr Jogiyanto HM,MBA,Akt. Penerbit Andi: Yogyakarta 2005

Definition of System


There are two approaches to define the system

1. Procedure Approach

Definition of procedure by Jerry FitzGerald, Ardra F. FitzGerald and Warren D. Stallings as that :
A procedure is a good arrangement of step by step instruction, that to explane what must i do (what), who must to do it (who), when to do it (when), and how to do it (how).

Definition of System based on procedure approach is a work of network from procedures which is having a mutual connection and together to do the activity or to finish a certain target.

2. Element Approach

Definition of system based on element approach is interacted a group of elements to achieve a certain goal.

A system have definite porpuse. Some people said, meaning of a system is to reach a purpose(goal), and some people said to reach a target (objectives).

The characteristic of the system

- Components of system
An integrated a set of components for collecting, storing and communicating information.

- Boundary of system
Boundary of system is scope area between another system and environment.

- Environment
Environment means is everything outside the system boundary.

- Interface
Link between subsystems to another subsystem

- input
The Energy entered into system. Input can be the treatment input ( input maintenance) and input of signal ( input signal).be the example of in computer system, treatment input is a programe, input of signal is a data.

- output
The Result of energy is processed and classified to be output which usefull and rest of dismissal. Example of the system of computer, the hot that yielded is the rest of dismissal, while information is output which good for.

- Processing
A process from input to be output

- Goal
It’s functioning because there are limits to what it can do and how it can achieve its purpose within its environment

Classification of system
Definition 1 :
1. Abstraction system : system in the form of idea.
2. Physical system : existing system physically.
Definition 2 :
1. Natural system : the system that occur passing natural’s process , the system doesn’t made by human (circle of earth).
2. Artificial system : the system that created by human (Human-Machine System).
Definition 3 :
1. Specifics system : the system operate with attitude that can be predicted.
2. Unspecific system : the system that futures condition doesn’t be predicted.
Definition 4 :
1. Closed’s system : the system doesn’t relation and effect the outside’s environment.
2. Open’s system : the system is relation and effect the outside’s environment

Source : Analisis & Desain. Prof.Dr. Jogiyanto HM,MBA,Akt. Penerbit Andi: Yogyakarta 2005